To those rejected who the other says you are too fat here is my pic, he was still telling me I was too fat when this was taken. He doesn't anymore because I have broken through to him how much that hurts me. Now he won't even admit he ever did it though... but occasionally he still makes comments about it.... I have lost even more weight since this.... and he goes through phases of telling me I look pregnant. Not fat, Pregnant... So anyway realize it isn't you.... 

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Thanks for the Support. I definitely need it. You all are such awesome friends, I'm glad I found this place! Thank you!

I expect you were driving all the men crazy??

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I'm so pleased for you!!! Action!! congratulations xxx

it makes me hornier until it makes me want to pass out... but on the upside I finally got some Action today... it lasted maybe 5 minutes but HEY woo hoo action!!!!!!

I'm pleased to hear that - the working out certainly takes your mind off sex a little doesn't it? Well, maybe not, but you know what I mean!

Don't worry all I am healthy as a horse, I just work out fanatically, religiously, and then idiotically.

You look gorgeous here - I'm a bit worried when you say you've lost even more weight - you're not believing this *** are you? I know just how easy it is to slide into an eating disorder when someone's assassinating your self-esteem like this. Please, please get some help if that's the case. And remember, it ain't worth dying to get some approval from this idiot.

BB - some people are just allergic to being nice; it sounds like you got a real lemon. These folks tear everyone else down as a way to build themselves up.<br />
<br />
Guys are notoriously insensitive with their comments, but even a total *** knows what a painful hot-button weight is for women - there's no explanation for his behavior; he's just trying to be hurtful. For cryin' out loud, you're in swimsuit model shape!