My Sexless Marriage

I am 52 mwm living in NC in a sexless marriage.  We have been married for 11 years, and have no kids together.

I have 3 grown children, and have had a vasectomy.  We very rarely have sex, and when we do I do all the work, and

she just lays there.  She doesnt suck me at all and hardly touches my ****. 

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The last time me and my husband had sex was ten years ago and it was a disaster. He could hardly get it up. Over the last ten years he has had two affairs and lots of prostitutes. I feel very trapped. Divorce is not an option because of financial reason. My sympathy goes to all men and women who are being rejected by their spouse sexually. It hurts.

I had sex with my husband when we were living in van....

Sometimes relationships are about more than sex. It is a lot more difficult when that closeness is gone. I am in a similar situation. My husband doesn't want me to touch him. The next logical step...Therapy. Try everything before you call it quits.

Right now i am unemployed and cant afford to move out

Wow, I can relate to that! We've been married 28 years and haven't had sex in 17 years. The last few times we did back in 1993 it was terrible. She, like your wife, didn't touch me at all, forget oral sex, that was a one way street as far back as I can remember, at least as long as we've been married. I don't have any advice for you, doesn't seem like anybody in this group does, except divorce. It doesn't ever change.