I Am No Experience In Share My Gf.

Hi! Buddies.

I'm new member in your's group. I would like to share my experience in our group. But I have no experience. Please teach me how to

get experience to share my girlfriend. Thanx for all.

zealot007 zealot007
4 Responses Mar 15, 2010

JoJewel gave you real good directions....now hurry they are holding the door open for you..

Not sure exactly what you are asking OP. Can you clarify what you mean please?

You need to take a left turn from here, and way down the hall, right at the end of the corridor, you'll find a group for that.

Um, if you're sharing your girlfriend - you may want to find a different group.<br />
<br />
Like 'I Like To Swing' or 'I Want To Join A 3-Some' or even 'I Love Cannibalism' (you know, we really don't know how great your girlfriend could be since you're willing to share).