Anyone Heard Of "the Coolidge Effect" ? A Scientific Reason For Our Sexless Marriage.

Ok so", the only thing I know for sure is that I know nothing  at all"  Socrates.   I just found this article, so I do not know yet how it plays into why a woman would lose all desire, but it surely may  to women who have  too much.   They say us women hit our peak later in life, is this to conceive before its too late?  Or is it just our hormones changing?  Why I wonde.r do some men say they have always had a high desire for sex, yet some could careless?  Maybe the make up of some men just are not driven to contribute to the gene pool of any.  Is it subconscious?  Or Physiological?  They say many illnesses are responsible for lack of desire, um maybe sick people shouldnt contribute to the gene pool ?  Only the healthy males?  Yet with the many things we today use to stimulate our pleasure centers of the brain, some of us who shouldnt contribute, are, therefore creating more of what our systems are trying to weed out.  We are led by social pressures and set moral lines intellectually, yet our brains and our bodies are fighting against us in some mad silent war to preserve the human species? 

here is a paragraph of an article from Psychology Today written by Marnia Robinson

Our genes want us primed to pursue promising genetic opportunities even if we risk not "living happily ever after." Even if mates manage to stay faithful, this neurochemically induced dissatisfaction can make them see each other somewhat like another serving of "Hamburger Helper." Sure enough, research shows that spouses tend to find each other more irritating the longer they are married.  (The Coolidge Effect becomes more evident after lovers' initial booster shot of honeymoon neurochemistry wears off, so new lovers inevitably believe they are immune—as do people who are not getting enough loving.)

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Just found out about this Coolidge Effect from a web site designed to strengthen "pair-bonding" by avoiding ****** even as you engage in sexual sensual play.<br />
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Sounds a bit touchy-feely to me, but maybe it's an imperfect answer that surpasses what most SM's will otherwise face. <br />
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I've heard.....that the husband may feel "unappreciated".....thus leading to less sex....<br />
but, I could care less for sex....I want love....that is something I will never have again....try filling that void! at least my deathwish will come true. Kisses, fairy kisses to you! May you live in a dream, never knowing how dark it really is....may you be like a child who wonders at everything and hurts at nothing because the love from having just been with God is still strong from the womb....

Till death do us part and marrying for love were both invented at a time when the average life expectancy was about 35. People married at 14-15 and were together for about 20 years. Even then, proof of virility or fertility was a pre-requisite for marriage. The "Bands" were read, which made them bound together by the church, but the marriage wasn't finalized until, under parental supervision, they had slept together and become pregnant together. Hence the continuation of the species/tribe.<br />
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Now the life expectancy is about double - that means "til death do us part" is more like 50 years.......Does that make "til death do us part" an outmoded concept? Surely, if all you had to eat every day was your favorite food, even it would become commonplace and stale - no matter how much you had loved it. It might even become vile. Chocolate, french fries, pizza - whatever. If it were only one food - and you had no hope of any other choices? You go through all the different variations of chocolate - then if you can't have pizza, you would rather go hungry. Maybe?

I find that after I stuff my face and fill my belly, I am a little less interested in sex than if I was hungry. Sex seems to have a glorious therapeutic effect to cure hunger pangs.