For The First Time I Think There Is Hope, Both On Intimacy And Sex

Hi i had to log on to share this  with ya all.  It very well could be an answer for many, both men and women alike.  I found this yesterday while searching for an article for another woman on here.  I think this is definantly worth your time.  There is a audio kinda of slide on here about 40 minutes that i watched with my husband last night and oh my gosh it totally explains why one partner loses interest.  In a scientific way, please check this out.  best of luck

It wont allow me to paste the url that directly links you to the clip so go to this link and then click on first visit at the top and there is a link that navigates you to it.

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1 Response Mar 16, 2010

GREAT WEBSITE !!! Thanks. Funny how small things you overlook could improve SO much in your life.