What About My Daughter?

I am almost to the point where I will leave my wife.  The lack of sex, intimacy and basic consideration is leaving me gutted and tired.


But what about my 19 month old daughter?  I hate, HATE, the thought of splitting up her mommy and daddy.  I would want to have 50% custody of her if I did leave, but I really hate the thought of raising her in a broken marriage.  I have seen how it affects other kids of couples I know who broke up and it makes me sad enough to tear up.


What do I do?

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4 Responses Apr 1, 2010

You are raising her in a broken marriage. If you were divorced you would be raising her in two separate homes that have the chance of showing her what a full marriage can look like.

If you are truly planning to leave, then do it now while she is young. Kids bounce back very quickly, but the older they get, the harder it will be and the harder on her to see mommy and daddy split.

I think your problem is very common unfortunately but being a human being i would like to advise you to discuss this issue with your wife first, may be she will understand it and think about the future of your child. If she does not get it then you must go to any lawyer.

Demand marriage counseling, and get a lawyer for legal advice. The court will want to know if you have had counseling, or what effort you have tried. A lawyer will present your effort to the court.<br />
If you do divorce, make sure you stay in touch with the x-wife. Many years down the road, the daughter will want to contact you, and you will be there for her.