My Marriage Is Sexless

I have not have sex with my wife for 2 years. She is very abusive to me verbally she has complained about the lack of sex but I just cant have sex with her as for me I have to actuay like a person to have sex with them. Her abuse has made me hate her I have been thinking of having an affair if I could find someone I would.
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4 Responses Jul 7, 2012

Have you tried drinking? when you get back from work go to the pub drink about six pints of the strongest beer they have the finish with a chaser no wiskey tho cause that can make you rowdy.. rum or vodkas better. make sure you take time to talk a load of rubbish to mate or strangers at the bar an generally get thing of your chest like. when you get home she will have mysteriously transformed into a sexy babe an she will be in such a mood about you being drunk she will forget to nag you about the lack of sex. make sure you buy some choclates on the way home.

Maybe she is being a ***** because you two don't have sex. Don't be a wose (sp) don't have an affair - if you want to have sex - have sex with your wife!!! **** her - **** her good and hard - get that emotion out if both of you - I bet you both will be surprised at how well and close you BOTH feel after that

I can relate to both sides of your relationship. When my ex and I met, I was happy, outgoing and affectionate until he started pushing me away, making excuses why he didnt want to kiss me, touch me, hold me, be close to me in any way, then came the months (even a year) with no sex, no touching whatsoever. I have become bitter and angry and sometimes say things that come out mean and I regret them. I feel like old trash that he refuses to throw away. He stays and tells me he loves me, doesnt want the relationship to end but wants nothing to do with me. That hurts ALOT and drives a person to a very aggitated state whenever they are around the person who frustrates them so. I suggest talking to your partner if you want the relationship to continue, this could be the case, she is just frustrated and feeling unwanted, unloved and insecure. It could be she is just a mean natured erson, I dont know your situation. I am just giving my insight. I hate feeling this way and crave someone who would treat me like a woman, not some old leftovers they are afraid to throw out. If you cant talk it our with her, I suggest getting out of the relationship all together because it doesnt sound like either of you are very happy in it.

consider leaving your marriage. i imagine you have thought about it. think about it again. i don't judge having an affair as wrong, but i wonder if it ever helps. you will still have this relationship with your wife. good luck.