A Very Manic Monday

Yesterday I told my husband I no longer wanted to be married. Today I went to work. To B...my coworker turned lover.

Knowing he was in the building I couldn't resist. My first stop was his office...his desk. As soon as he turned and looked at me my heart went as still as the air around me. It had been a long weekend not having any communication with him. It had been a sleepless weekend. It had been a weekend that my appetite failed to exist but the hunger deep inside me was almost unbearable.

We went for a walk. Outside. Our comfortable cadence was natural..as always. We easily fell into "our " walk. The side of my body closest to his touching and molding....gently but with just enough pressure to make it fit just right against him.

We talked to check in. To compare stories of how the time apart was hard. And sad. As we headed back into the building he quickly squeezed my hand. With that I was ready to face the day....the comfort of a broken and tied rubber band on my wrist. A souvenir and symbol of the tenderness of our first night together.

I fought to focus on email. I struggled through phone calls. I multitasked like a maniac so I could Fred up time for lunch.
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1 Response Aug 6, 2012

be careful, forbidden love can end abruptly and tear your heart apart~ just be careful.