Three years my bf tells me be patient... I'm dying inside...
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I guess I should expand... Ever since we met this has been an issue, I keep asking him to work on it because I'm not ready to have a non physical relationship, (not asking for more than every couple of weeks) and he keeps asking me to be patient, he's working on it. No dr appts, no therapy, no other women, he just says he doesn't want to. He says it's not that he's not attracted to me, just he has no desire. Am I stuck with living with it leaving? I can't make him so something about it and i wouldn't feel it was sincere if I did... How long is enough time to work it out. I care about him, but I really long to feel like he wants to be with me in all ways, not just the friends and roommates we are...

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Hey, some people just don't like sex, and it isn't your fault or anything. I know it must be hard, but it isn't really fair for you to expect people to do that kind of stuff to please you if it isn't their thing. Now, he could just be a prude or something, I don't know obviously, having never met either of you. :) Just try to keep your mind open to that.

Then he needs to tell me it's never gonna change and not keep telling me to be patient... That's just ******

You're right, he should. But IF this is the case, and I'm not saying it is for sure, he's probably afraid you aren't going to accept him. I know I was when I first had to tell my friends and family, and I didn't even have a significant other to tell.

He's not that kind of guy, he is brutally honest almost always... So I'm confused, does he really want to fix this or is he just not being honest in this case... Its making me crazy...

I smell something fishy, that just does not sound right.