Lost And In Love

I have been dating a girl for a year. She is a 29 year old virgin from south america. not a hard core bible thumper, but a Christian. She believes that sex should wait till marriage.

When we first met, she was very physical, we would get mostly naked. touching, kissing, loving on each other without actual sex. We have moved into the i love you stage of a relationship and have connected to well that we have talked about Marriage, buying homes, living our lives with each other. we feel we connect better than any previous relationship in our pasts and cant get enough of each other. On the flip side, it is virtually impossible for her to even make out with me let alone get a little more physical in bed. I respect and understand her choices of sex before marriage. but now i cant get a decent kiss. our physical part of life is non-existent except for the hello and good bye kiss. I truly want to marry this woman. no woman has ever understood me more. but am no where CLOSE to being satisfied with her physical attention to me. i feel ugly, unwanted and lonely. i don't want to get into a marriage if i know I'm not going to have a woman who is as attracted to me physically as she is mentally. not sure what to do. i love her to death and am willing to do anything to try and help and better someone she wants to be with.

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I do hope your not heading for the ILIASM group, is the writing on the wall?

i think she was kissing u first etc....now not anymore.......soooo i think she wants u to ask her hand....i mean she had her intimacy time with you, when u were touching, then u talked about marriage...HELLOOOOOOOO....then she keep seeing u but saying she cant do it before marriage....<br />
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MAN ASK HER HAND!!! its obvious. u were scared too much that she doesnt feel attracted to you, and u forgot that she used to touch u, but she feels guilt about it since her religion stop her.....<br />
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ASK HER HAND .....thats the answer

It won't get better after marriage. The pattern of intimacy has been established by her and you have no say in it whatsoever. It all sounds very one-way to me. So the question is: Is she willing to do whatever it takes to be with you too.

Talk to her. If she wants to get married b4 then book a wedding. If she really loves you then she won't care how big the wedding is.