My Idea Of Bliss

Well, I can't say my community is at that point yet but I live in hope:) I'll make small changes and hope it inspires big changes.

I dream of our community working with each other instead of against, of promoting their own and other's wellbeing.

I dream of us returning to sustainable practices with less consumerism.

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3 Responses Feb 28, 2010

Thanks for your good wishes Loddenview and yes, you're right, it's not for everyone, or even most people. My everday struggle (the serenity prayer!) I can never figure whether I should be accepting where I am, making small changes to feel more of a fit or change to somewhere else in the hopes that somewhere else is a better fit. <br />
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So, while I'm struggling with commitment to either view, I keep a foot in both camps and try to positively influence where I am, while still holding hope there's an easier match to another community of people who hold similar ideals. My current community has much potential as it's a smaller community, everyone has enough space and privacy to not intrude on each other, I just need to influence a more positive outlook that encourages each other instead of expecting the worst of each other.<br />
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Oh, Squigglefish, I have so many dreams. Just of people welcoming each other to the area without pre-judgment, allowing each other to live in their own style, honesty, openness and genuine discussion/debate with each other if someone else's actions are impacting negatively on their lifestyle, acceptance that we all move to an area for different reasons and respecting our differences. <br />
I've got a long way to go yet but persistence is the key and more positive people are moving to the area so it's becoming the stronger influence.

If it works for you then I wish you good luck,for some it would not work

I hope we're becoming more awake Omniel. I guess there's some of us through the ages in any era, just got to hope we become a majority and not a minority:)