I Live In One But I Don't Like It

i live in a trailer park i really don't it because there a lot drugs and gangs in here and a lot of partys 24/7 and in my park it's good plan carrie a gun or knife on you for in case something really bad happins and you better have eyes in back of your head. i'm glad you all like it i don't. 
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this may sound crazy but that sounds like my kinda place!

We do not have trailer parks in the uk. we have holiday caravan parks. But we do have social housing, l lost my house because l signed as guarantor against it for my es debt he promised to pay it back but of course he had no intention of doing so. l and my children were left homeless but got a social housing home eventually until we had to leave again because of threat's to kill us by gangs of druggies and hooligan's who didn't want us on their housing estate because we were not 'one of them'.So l know how awful it must be for you. A relative took us in until we found a safer place to live, it was not so nice inside the new place but 'you cannot put a price on peace of mind', it was safer and that is what counts.

Yeah man that sounds like a rough spot

It's not always easy, but my mom tries to keep us kids positive. She is also a hoarder and its hard to move around. I want her to get rid of the stuff but how do you do that? How do you tell someone who is so attached to all this stuff that it aint healthy?

ok how dos this have any thing to do with this goupe?

I used to live in a trailer park too, I didn't like it they deteriorate so fast and when it rains I could feel the thunder, when people walk in the foot steps, is not me.

Am sorry to hear all that. Am from africa and although there is poverty here, we dont have problems of drugs or gangs. All the stuff you talked about we only see in movies.And drugs are problems that a few rich kids have but its rare.

aww. I'm sorry you have to go through that. I've lived in 3 trailers and have never had those problems. My dad always checks the trailer park's history before he moves up there.

I know what you mean, it was the same for me in all the low income apartments I lived in. Dons of drugs people sitting outside all day parting. And lots of violence I knew a guy who went crazy shooting his shotgun off, while screaming at his girlfriend. Then my moms friend shot her self outside our apartment and my mom set up all time taking bullet out, they were both high!

dude that's really bad. i'm sorry you had to go through that.