Only Three Cats

But it still feels like a zoo! Especially when the male poops on the bathroom rug. He just won't use the litter box!

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4 Responses Feb 8, 2010

That's so funny! and i can totally relate to the bond of cat-owner, I myself have 3 females now but when we had our boy also, well you can just imagine :) My daughter and I and 4 felines ;)! <br />
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I will always consider my boy to be the son I never had; for people who don't get that, I don't care! :P And for those who do, thank you:)

I was worried you meant the human inhabitants of your home belonged in a zoo. Better cats than big ole slobs.

Now Kitty, how would you like having a husband that wouldn't use the toilet? Sounds like time for diapers for that one...

two dogs , one cat...