Omg Yes!!

between me and my roomates.....

The cats: Tyko, Siamea, Taz, Sydney

My roomates many rats


My ferret

4 people.....ya its pretty much a gigantic zoo lol

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And my wife and daughter call the rat "Green Mile Mouse" after the movie the Green Mile and the mouse that lived forever in that movie. The rat is now 4 years old, which is about 1.5 years longer than they usually live. But he is starting to look old now.

One of the cats is afraid of our rat because when she was small, the rat chased her and bit her on the nose. Poor kitty...

my ferret shys away from the cats. so they r fine together.<br />
<br />
my roomate has 5 rats

How does the ferrett get along with the cats? And how many rats does your roommate have?