Alberta Bound

I am a resident of Alberta Canada.  I was born in Ontario, raised in British Columbia, and 10 years ago, I moved to Alberta to raise my daughter on my own.  I love Alberta.  The weather is the best out of all the provinces I've been too.

I recently joined this site and I love it!  I have met so many new friends here - and all people who like me for ME.... not for what I can give to them or what they can steal from me.  Other than this site, I honestly don't have any friends.

I would like to take this opportunity for other Albertans to come to this group and tell their stories about what makes them tick - why they live and love in Alberta - and, make new friends a little closer to home (no weirdos please!! LOL).

I live just outside of Edmonton, which for all you who don't know, is our Province's capital.  I love it here although I'm really tired of the town I live in.  I would love to move to another small town where the people aren't so backstabbing and weird... let me tell you - the rumours that fly around this town are incredible!! And from people you don't even know! LOL

I just wanted to do something different here - start a new group - and just for the record, you DON'T have to be from Alberta to share here...

Cheleanne Cheleanne
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did you ever move?

Haha, yah the Timmie's crowd... yes, they ARE the gossip mill of Anytown America!

HI there, I also live in Alberta (Medicine Hat) and love the weather here. But you should know that no matter where you live you will have the rumor mills and the sort. Just stay away from the Tim Horton groups, they are the worst out there.

I've been to the Okanagan! It's so pretty there and the fresh fruit and berries! YUM! I hear the fruit & berries are more expensive - I suppose as time goes on so does inflation....<br />
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I have never been to Calgary, but am going there next month for my nephew's wedding!

Wow... that's pretty interesting....

Alberta has a very strict, conservative policy for just about everything. Most of the fun is when the mass exodus to BC begins in the summer. There is a constant flow of traffic from east to west from June to September here. We have found a cpl of "secret:" BC spots so far in our travels and searches. Where we live, there WAS an actual prison internment camp not far away. They actually kept POW's there in the 2nd WW.

I'm not familiar with hostels or concentration camps, but I'm sure if you googled Medicine Hat, you will get all kinds of exciting information! I hope you can find something interesting! Let me know how you make out with that! :-)

Haha, you seemed to have summed it up perfectly!! <br />
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I was born in Ontario, and moved to BC with my parents when I was about a year old. When I left my first husband, I needed to get away. I had a long time girlfriend who married and moved here because her hubby was from here. <br />
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She tried for years to talk me into coming to Alberta because I was a professional country singer prior to children and she figured that Alberta would be the perfect place for me! I always declined her offers.<br />
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Then when I separated from my first husband, I decided to give Alberta a try. I love it here. I didn't come here looking for fortune though... I wish there was a treasure to be found...but I don't think there is. <br />
<br />
Jobs were not so plentiful when I came here 11 years ago. They were hard to find and minimum wage was about $6 / hr. Yikes! No fortune there...<br />
<br />
Now that Alberta has the strongest economy in America, we have tons of people relocating here. I'm afraid the minimum wage has gone up quite a bit - and most jobs start at about $15/hr now, but there is still no treasure... because if there was, I would find it!! :0)

All I know is too many people here are born elsewhere and then lived in BC. They come here looking for fortune- that "better job that pays so much better" but dont consider they will lose their inner identity and well-being in the process. The love of money truly is the root of all evil. What a shame to lose your identity to a pile of money that you never get to keep anyway! Welcome to the Alberta prison work camp. :))

Yah - we get the BS here too. I live in a small town west of Edmonton... <br />
<br />
I just ignore the BS and have become somewhat of a loner. My children are the total opposite of me though. They are social butterflies (both girls aged 10 & 8). They do pull me out once in a while... which I suppose is good for me...

Alberta is the place to be in Canada if you want to make money; the trick is to find a way to keep the money! It is also one of the most expensive places to live in Canada.<br />
We live west of Calgary (in tourista land) and everything is great except the aforementioned. Our town is very child friendly (we have 2 young ones) and has more weekend residents than permanent which tends to provide a little more anonymity. Most weekenders are from Calgary so they are usually a lot more open minded. Ya there are still the gossipers here and there -but hell they don't have a life so they spend their time talking about others' lives so they can feel like they do have a life. We just ignore such things and create and maintain our own secret life here. Lots of people do that. The best way we have found is to sidestep the BS and find our own identity and fun.