The Red Moon Clan

this group was originaly ment for vampires only but me and the owner has had to make a few changes. she is willing to accept humans IF they respect vampires and werewolfs and if they promise not to insult anyone. this group was created so that everyone of all species can talk with one another with no fear of threat. share a story. we will all read it and comment. its called "i am a member of the red moon clan". JOIN NOW!!! XD

yes i know that you were not expecting this sort of story on "i live in America" but i have been instructed to tell everyone. you are always full of life. we need people like you here. personaly, i think America is the best place to live. you are just so welcoming. now let me welcome you! :)
theunderstandingflower theunderstandingflower
18-21, F
Dec 8, 2012