As of Last Night


I do, and I have mixed feelings about it. I suppose I will give it a few weeks to get used to the change. On the plus-side, it’s next door to my work! Like a dream come true I never have to catch the bus again. Now to ensure that I make up for the loss of physical activity I used to get walking to and from the bus stop.

The city hums at night; you feel it through the walls and in the air…

smebro smebro
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3 Responses Jul 5, 2007

As of yet, I have not used the stairs...I am juggling though

Who needs a Gym when you have nineteen floors to walk up? Besides, at my old place I always wanted to do sit-ups and exercise, but couldn't because the dog would harass me and the floor had la<x>yers of aged dust. I’ll defiantly put the effort in, since I have an extra two hours every day to kill.

Thats great that you are so much closer to work! Buses can be rather unreliable sometimes... Now if only it were close to the gym as well...