Lived In 3 So Far

I've lived in 3 different apartments since moving away from home. 

The first one was a two bedroom apartment that I shared with three different sets of two girl roommates.  With each new set of roommates I had a different room (once converting the dining room to a bedroom).  It was an older, small 7-unit building that is now being torn down to build expensive condos :o(

The next one was also a 2 bedroom.  At first it was me and two girls, then one girl moved out and a guy friend moved in.  A couple months later the other girl left and 3 more guys moved in.  That was fun, but the guys are slackers so I always had to front the rent money and slowly get paid back.  We ended up getting kicked out because the lease had been in the name of the first girl that left.  The lease with her name wasn't even valid anyways but they called us squatters and freaked out so we left.

Now I live in a small one bedroom apartment with one and a half roommates.  Prices are ridiculous.  I don't have exact measurements except that the bedroom is 10x7, but the rest of the apartment is less than 400 sq ft......for $1145 a month.  And it's not even a good neighborhood - I've had people try to get in my car while I'm driving, people trying to get me in their car while I'm walking, most of my friends have been robbed and/or jumped in the area, people wandering the halls asking odd personal questions, drugs, MS X3, etc.  We also have roaches and for those of us on the top floor the ceiling is thin enough that you can hear pigeons landing and moving around and wrestling or whatever they are doing.  I do like the apartment, but I don't think it's worth anywhere near what I'm paying for it. 

I want a house but I don't know when I'll be able to afford one...

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1 Response Oct 9, 2007

yep, i understand. even with an "advanced" degree, i still can't afford a house. ah, to be a grownup and living like it.........