Afraid,bored,and Depressed

My husband and I have only been marie 2and 1/2 yrs. We argue in the beginning,we were both going through alot from either work or previous relationships. I had adopted a boy with downs 11 yrs ago. This was hard for my spouse due that he wanted no such responbility,even urging me to get rid of the boy. I of-course did not send him away. My husband soon learned people looked up to him for helping Rob. He no-longer asked my to leave him behind. However I have larger problems. My husband has no affection toward me, I try to come on to him and he says i;ll get you later,or if I can,or ill try. He doesnt hold my hand EVER. He doesnt even sy goodnight most of the time. He sits in front of the computer listening to music and drinking all night,pretty mch every night. I have tried dressing up he doesnt notice me, ive flirted he doesnt notice me ive tried talking he doesnt listen,and thinks im nagging to talk. We average sex once a month, and then he watches **** first,and talkes about **** the whole time we are fooling around,it's NEVER about me. He says he wants to share me. But I just want him,not 2or 3 more guys like he wants. He says,im lucky this is what all ******* want. Thats how he refers to women. I recently found a picture a younger girl sent him just 2 days before our wedding and caught him talking wih her last year. My family doesnt come over when hes home anymore they say they cant take how he talks to me. Im an M.S patient,im ok with my health. Im very athletic and fit,but ive recently started taking panic attack meds,due to this stress. We can be in the same cr same houseand no words are spoken. We go no-where but the gym,we do nothing but work around the house,weve never seen a movie together,nothing. Never a honeymoon,he says he;ll take me somewhere but i have to engage in sex with other couples or other men to get a vacation. I have no authority in our marriage,im not even allowed to decide dinner ever. Its always what he wants. If I speakp with my opinion,he makes me feel stupid. Im poor. My husband is not,he says things like hes a power ball,he has this and that he;s the best looking guy athis job and often im ugly But I know im not. H holds his money over me and says he pays for everything. Not true I buy 75% of food my own car pmt @ insurance,clothes toiletries and all for my son. Ive offered money for the bills bu he said it was his house and nobitch is gonna make a claim to it .I struggle financially while he soars.There is soooo much more. I love him,but I dont think he ever really loved me
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1 Response May 15, 2012

A love interest who doesn't accept your child should never be your mate.
To be honest, this guy sounds like an ***. He doesn't want you or your son, only what you can provide for him. He does not sound like someone you should keep around yourself or your child. You can do better without him. Love yourself, love your'll be rewarded for that.
Like my grandmother always told me, "You can do bad all by yourself"-- meaning, if you want trouble, no need to marry it. Trouble comes on its own. Enjoy being with yourself (and your child) and let go so he can do all the sexual exploration he wants to.