30 Year Empty Lonely Marriage

I too have an empty marriage after 30 years. My husband is pleasant enough, but cares very little about me. We have had a very hard time with an extremely ill son, loss of a business and financial difficulties. Yet I always go through it alone. If I'm in despair, he just walks on by. I do not have any resources or family to help me leave. Is it worth staying just for a roof?
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1 Response Jan 7, 2013

I too have a husband who has nothing to do with me. I recently quit work to spend more time with our children, one who has a learning disability. So I now feel stuck. I can't afford to feed my kids on my own and also have no family support nearby. I stay b/c I need a roof over our heads. I'm just biding my time until the girls are old enough to not need me so much so I can go back to work and file for divorce. I'm sorry for your loneliness. You are not alone.