The Sound Of Kookaburras

I once returned from a pretty horrid holiday to see a girlfriend in south africa.She became a bit violent after some drinks one night and decided to throw her whole kitchen drawer full of knives and forks at me,even a **** screw wine bottle opener went flying to my right side of my face.Luckily i had played lots of footy and cricket and was able to bob and weave the flying objects.The pane glass behind me shattered,even mangos and lemons were thrown at me,her ducked and weaved.Next morning all was smoothed out but i knew..uhhuhh...not staying here..we had numerous fights during my holidays,she had ADD,and alcohol was a no-no..apparently!!

Anyway,i survived and got out alive,promising to keep in touch..yea right!!...

I remember making my way to my brothers house at Eastwood in Sydney,its a very leafy,northern Sydney suburb,lots of gum trees,its kinda expensive but got the mix of suberbia with bush and tress,if you know what i mean.

Well,i had a nightmare of a trip really,and the story above is just a tip of the iceberg..Dont ask me about the wedding episode!!

Next morning i was making a coffee in by brothers kitchen,was early,everybody asleep..I HEARD KOOKABURRAS!!..

I was never so HAPPY to be home in Australia,after my bad experiences,I knew i was HOME,and SAFE, when i heard those birds.

I was so relieved and happy!!..I will never forget that feeling..
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41-45, M
May 13, 2012