I Love It

My third year in ths beautiful country.

Tomorrow, we will be moving into our new home. I am excited.

Yesterday, my English friend, Maria, took me out on an adventure. It was like the blind leading the blind. We could have taken the car but we decided to live dangerously minus our husbands.

We took the train to Freemantle and then a bus to Claremont Mall. We introduced ourselves to the local grocer, laundry man etc. We were pleased. Then we decided to take a bus to look at my new home in Mount Claremont.

We checked the bus timetable and our map. We decided to take number 27 bus instead of number 28 because of the waiting time difference.

It was a hot day.

Even though we enjoyed the sights on the bus 27, it wasn't the route we wanted so we asked the bus driver to drop us at bus No:28 stop, nearer to my new home according to the map. He did and we again checked the schedule on the pillar of the bus stop.

Too far for us to walk to the address and the other option, a 30 minute wait in the hot sun for bus number 28.

My friend and I looked at the surrounding area for directions. It was quiet and there were no one in sight. All the houses were far apart. A lot of cars on the road though . We talked and planned our next adventure while waiting for our bus.

We were tired and thirsty.

Then my friend sneezed. I dug into my handbag for some wet wipes. She sneezed again. But when we looked up, a bus went past our bus stop without stopping.

We screamed! Wait! Wait!

We waved our hands and screamed again. It didnt stop,

We looked at each other and we laughed. We could not believe it. It was the number 28 bus.

He saw us at the bus stop, didn't stop and left us. What was he thinking?



G'day mate, we weren't there at the bus stop to bask in the hot sun.



Duchessforthright Duchessforthright
4 Responses May 29, 2012

I get too bored on buses. :(

I am not a bus commuter but that was a rather amusing wait - ;) I enjoyed the bus 27 ride and subsequently the bus28;) I get to see more as a passenger.

LOL ~Duchess you can tell a story! sounds like my bus ride, I told you about! ;) gorgeous place to live! blessed!<br />
<br />
a nice house warming plant sent! good luck!<br />
<br />
carry a small survival kit :) i sure do...

CRP, you need to come here and take me around-I have not bought a car yet--I need a ride hehehe

Thank you Wai;) I saw a sign near the bus stop saying "you don't have to be a superman to stop the bus" lol.

Hmmm... Yes they can be like that... if you don't signal, they think you're passing the time of day and don't stop! "Bad luck; try again next time!" (or get on your cellphone and call a taxi - if you know the number of the local one!) Sorry for your wait, Duchess! At least you're able to laugh about it...<br />
<br />
I wish you well in your new house!<br />
<br />