I Live In the Land Down Under

 I have always wanted to come to Aus since I was wee. I moved here 2 years ago I live in Melbourne and have just bought my first home in Port Melbourne.I love it here the people are great, the lifestyle is great.Its everything I wanted and more...I urge everyone to come to Aus at some stage 

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Proud to be an Australian...........................Love this country!!!

America1008<br />
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If you have that much against our country,maybe it is time to leave! ..See the rest of your country first before you go!<br />
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There is so much more to see instead of the well publicized East Coast! Put your voice to politics and do something about it!<br />
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..You Know that Australia is the best country in the world!

well i agree....dandenong is a hole....and like myself im not miserable just because i want to get away from here i just dont feel the same about aus like i used too...there are some good people here just hard to find now adays but you robyn are a dying breed stay the way you are cause aus needs more people like you....you are the best....

the people here are not down to earth and have a laid back attitude they used too....over the last few years people have become rude and only think of them selves, there is nothing to do here and its getting way to expensive to live here, personally i cant wait too get away from aus but thats my opinion,everyone has a different view of where they live, im in melbourne have been all my life... and will be moving overseas to start a better and new life....thats me thought....

Welcome to Oz, Anna!...I am in S.A.!<br />
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Been here most of my life!

It's nice to hear someone talk so fondly of Australia. What is it you love? <br />
I agree that majority of people have a really down to earth and laid back attitude. Which is nice.<br />
I'm always interested in the views of people who have holiday'd or moved over here.

You know you're more than welcome!!

and one of these days im coming to visit ya!