Im From Buffalo Ny

Buffalo new york is a one of a kind place to grow up. I remember as a kid walking around the city of buffalo with my mother who had brought me with her while she went to family court. My mother and father were fighting for custody over myself and two younger brothers. I remember going over the skyway and being terrified because of how narrow and high up it is. We would pull our piece of junk car into the parking garage with giant circular tubes sticking out if it as i can recall one was blue inside and the other was red. I remember walking onto the street and the thick aroma of traffic food and thick city air hiting my nose. All the strange large buildings and people hustling and bustling threw the city streets. We walked as would seem for miles and i would see the gum and loose pennies laying all over the rough sidewalks. I notice the large grates in the side walk leading to pure darkness and they scared me i refused to walk over them. My mother practically dragging me through the city at this point we headed toward a giant circle with a large statue in the middle with no one near it except hot dog venders and a few police cars. Mom bought me a hot dog and we sat near the foutain. The city was such a great place when i was little. So much curiosity and mystery ill never forget the buildings with the statue of liberty on top of them. Buffalo is a great city that needs to return to its glory.
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yeah now its all ****** up

At least buffalo is making a rebound I haven't seen this many cranes in a while.