My Home In Alberta

I have been in Calgary for 5 years. It took me a while to learn where everything was. I had no friends nor family in Alberta. But something here was calling me. I have bumped into people from Alberta who were friendly but to move was too far.

For months I saved up money and unwilling to sell my car I drove from eastern Ontario to Calgary. It took my almost five days. I had little with me, basically just my clothes and a few kitchen items.

Since I have lived in Calgary, I have found my home here. There are so many resources for people in need that you simply do not get from other provinces.

The people are unique. Twice, my car broke down in subzero snowing winter and strangers just come to help me out. As a single woman, their help was invaluable.

Every time you drive down Memorial, you can see the mountains calling you from a distance. There is so much construction being done and so many cranes that are scattered in our city that it makes you realize that our city is still developing and in its youth while we are all witness to our city growing up.

We have some of the best ski resorts I have ever seen. I have been been to Banff, Jasper and even the Columbia Ice Fields. This is certainly camping and hunting country.

Of course, all my stereotypes of Calgary were soon to be challenged. I have never seen a cowboy on horseback unless it is Stampede seasons. Living in a city that does not use salt and plough their roads seems strange to me. I have seen Flames fans celebrate even after a defeat. I have seen artists develop their skill and try to make a living.

There is beauty everywhere, from the Glenmore reservoir to Prince's Island Park. There is always something to do whether it is skating at an outdoor rink for free or floating the bow river for free. You do not need money to have fun.

Of course I miss my home and my family but there is something about Alberta that makes me feel welcome and suited for this place. There are jobs available everywhere. I love Alberta. It has changed my life. This is my home now. I am grateful to be here and count myself lucky.
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4 Responses Sep 17, 2012

Born and Raised Calgarian here! really nice place! especially this nice warm weather that we have been having! well somewhat cloudy day today! and THATs your weather report!

seriously, this place is my hometown too! reply if you want to chat it out anytime! I'm always looking for a friend!

Calgary is a good city!! Born and raised there myself

Hi Raven....I'm in Edmonton...I lived in Calgary for four years too....nice to see you're enjoying Alberta...beautiful country here...(I also grew up in Ontario....Sault Ste. Marie)

Where did you move from in Ontario? I live in Calgary as well, came from BC originally, but my extended family is on Ontario.

I lived in Peterborough, Oshawa, Bowmanville, and Ottawa.