Born And Raised In Calgary.

Hello Everyone,

I am new to EP and so far I do love this site. I was born and raised in Calgary. I still live here with my parents. I'm in my 30s and I thought that maybe I should post something here and meet new people. But not just write to new friends, also to meet someone else who lives in Calgary in person. I need friends which I don't have here. I just thought that this might be a great opportunity to do so.

But like most Calgarians, I am very busy with school lately. But that doesn't mean that i don't have time. I might make time to meet someone and talk over coffee. That's all I want for now. 

Since, I am busy with school, I am not into dating right now. I would love to meet my future soulmate, but now is not the time. And I do have a certain criteria as to what I want in a date. I'm not going to mention that one right away. I just want someone to talk to here or in person. 

For now it is on this site.


Midnight Starr

midnightstarr midnightstarr
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4 Responses Feb 21, 2010

hey i live here too id love to chat !

Welcome to cowtown, I hope the floods didn't affect you and you had a chance to visit the Stampede, if you did there is a great possibility you probably made some friends there, as the whole town gets shifted into a party mood. This year might have been a little different because of the floods. In any case you can add me so we can chat.

add me as a friend fellow calgarian

Hey. I'm born & raised from/in Calgary too :)

Do you still live in Calgary currently?