You Can Take A Girl Away From Cali But You Can't Take Cali Away From A Girl!

WOW I canNOT complain about living in CALI!! So.Cal Born and raised ! You can take a girl away from Cali but you can't take Cali away from a girl! How can I complain I am 1 hour away from the beach and 1 hour away from the snow !! Not to mention 2.8 hours away from VIVA Las Vegas!!! Also how can I forget lovely San Diego (3hours away) one my favorite cities in not only Cali but the world all together!!! BUT by far my most AMAZING Cali experience to date will have to be YO Yo YOSemite National Park. Anyone who has conquered Half Dome or even Sub-dome deserves recognition for that intense 16 mile hike. Only the strong survive.......I love California !!
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ohslick well hello there.... good to see some one from home sweet home...

couldnt agree more!! i love cali. I am born and bred in San Diego. Doesn't get any better than this!!

<p>i had thought of once my s/s kicks in..... maybe ill find one of those sea side towns in middle of calif <br />
<br />
<br />
spend rest of my days there.........any one have any ideas of small sea side towns in calif they find pleasant?</p>

Carmel by the sea, Pacific grove...aaaaah heaven

totaly agree, I was born in Pasadena but now live in Scotland, But visit family in LA whenever its possible, Malibu in Summer Disney anytime and of course the stunning beaches..<br />
God i hate you now im jealous.. lol<br />
Add please x

Scotland? WOW I have a friend who goes scuba diving out there! I guess I gotta say Im a lil jelly!

how did u get to scotlad .miltary?

Of course you can tawam! and yes Cali has soooo much to offer! I highly recommend a hike through Yosemite!

Yosemite is beautiful. I camped out there and hiked the falls. Chased off a bear in the middle of the night by throwing burning logs at it.


wow its like an amazing things to do and being there is really something i guess you are so lucky and enjoy alot of outdoors ha......can i add you in my circle of friends?