Why Do People Live Anywhere Else?

I have often thought about moving to other states or countries for one reason or another, but it always comes back down to California. The weather is unbeatable. Hot in the summer, cold in the winter (the way it should be!), yet never too hot or too cold. We never get too much rain or snow, but just enough. Never any extreme natural disasters. And we have everything you could ever want in a (somewhat) reasonable driving distance. The ocean, the mountains, the forest, the desert, the country side, the big city, the little hippie towns. I can't think of anything that you would want to do on a daily basis that you could not find. Maybe a rainforest or safari, but we have can't have everything or people would never leave.

I complain about the traffic and the smog and the morons (which are all over any state really) but it is a small price to pay for being able to enjoy everything else Cali has to offer.
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I am in Huntington Beach I love Santa Barbara I have family there it is gorgeous!

Where in CA do you live? I am in Santa Barbara

Yeah i guess most big cities are made above older one, never thought about that. I guess for some one that has been raised all there life here would love it. I am used to the crazy weather in canada, haha.

Haha well I haven't felt an earthquake down here in ages and we are expecting three thunderstorms next week but they clear up quickly just the way I like em, not so dangerous. We are lucky to be able to experience things like this without being in terrible danger. And really if you think about it, most of the world is built over an old city ;)

I agree California is beautiful place in the spring, and this year has been very dry but I am not really a fan. I miss the hard rain and the thunder storms which do not really happen here. It reminds me of a wet dessert. I miss watching the lighting and hearing the thunder at night. It reminded me how powerless we are and makes me respect Mother Nature.<br />
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The little towns away from the cities are very cool, and fun to explore but I would not want to live here. The price for living here is extremely high, even if you make over 100,000 you still feel very poor. <br />
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As for the earth quakes, there was a 5 here not to long ago and I never felt it… ha-ha. I was sitting on the sofa watching TV. When a warning came on the TV but I never notice. Ha-ha<br />
What puzzels me is the fact that San Francisco is built over the ruins of the old city. I don’t know about you but that freaks me out. I read that its due for an other big earth quake. Just thinking about that and the fact San Fransico is built on unsable ground spooks me out. <br />
Hopefuly andreas fault is not going to shake soon, it would be horrible!

haha yes i agree! and i am strange in the sense that i love earthquakes...as long as they aren't breaking big buildings down or something. but tornadoes and hurricanes? no thanks!

Many people in tornado ally, or in Hurricane territory are amazed that anyone would live with the earthquakes; I always think at least earthquakes don't have a season!