I Was Drawn to Ca Because of T...

I was drawn to Ca because of the ocean and palm trees. One day I dropped everything: I quit my job, gave my 30 day notice to my apartment, packed my stuff and came to Ca. The hardest part was saying goodbye to 3 people: my closest friend, my mom and my sister. It was hard to leave them, but I had to do it.
The job I got paid a lot less than my job back east and I was nowhere close to family. But it was so very very liberating. I felt like I was back to living my life for me.
I always knew that I had to come to Ca. Something was pulling me here. I couldnt (and still cant) pin-point it. I was one of the best decisions I made completely for myself. Completely selfish, or self-loving, whatever you want to call it. What have you done for yourself lately?
HoneybushReaP HoneybushReaP
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1 Response Jul 16, 2007

That takes a lot of guts! I wanted to do that once, but I already live here!