I Am Canadian

I've lived here my whole life and I don't think I could ever live anywhere else...permanently, anyway.

What makes this such a great country is that we are truly free. We have all the freedoms that our neighbours to the south claim to have and defend, but actually don't!

We're a very tolerant and open nation, in general. We're not very nationalistic and that promotes more acceptance of different people, religions, and cultures.

Another thing I love about Canada is our low crime rate. I live in a big city but I can walk just about anywhere at any time of the day or night without much fear.

The only thing I'd change about this country is the weather. Four months of warm weather (if we're lucky) is really not enough!!!

I wouldn't change the taxes even though everyone complains about them. Without taxes, many of the services we take for granted would be unavailable.

I'm proud to be Canadian, but I'm very Canadian in how I show it: quietly!
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I am a fourth generation Canadian, with ancestory in Ireland, England, Scotland & Wales. (ok all the British Isles). I am very grateful to my ancestors for their courage to come to this brave new country many years ago. We have paid the price and lost family members to war and I appreciate their sacifices for this country. It's not perfect, but I am not going anywhere. I do love and appreciate my country, I believe we should also give back, serving it any way we can. We need to leave a legacy.

Your words about Canada ring so true, and if the United States were run the way that it was intended to be, only modernized, we could have the potential to be that way as well.<br />
I am a History and Political Science Major, and I have lived in Sweden (50% income tax rate, Socialist), as well as England (Universal Health Care, many other good and bad issues), and think that we as a nation (US) are idiots and so busy being greedy and selfish that we have lost sight, and consequently our younger generation, has lost the sense of random acts of kindness, senseless acts of beauty, and we as a nation have such an attitude of entitlement and privilege that we forget that were it not for our desires for freedom and open-mindedness (for that time), we would not even be a country.<br />
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I would love to see the national greed and anger, violence and disrespect, morph into a more peaceful, safe, mutually respectful, and kind-hearted nation. I wish that everyone who was able to work and those who are not were given high-quality health care at an affordable price, that education and the funding of it never took a back seat to ANYTHING else politically, and that we could get a real person who genuinely wants to help restore our good qualities and improve upon our bad, be elected to President and everything else as well.<br />
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I wish we were not too proud to look around us and take the best of the way other countries do things and use that information to improve our own situation.<br />
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I wish I did not wish I could move to Canada, because I was proud of my own country.<br />
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I am proud of our service men and women, those who hold on to "the American Dream", and a handful of others, but I am ashamed to say that if I could move to Canada I probably would do so in a heartbeat. I would love for my son to grow up without hearing about murders and violence, and seeing people who die because they cannot afford health insurance but own a home or a car so they do not qualify for govt insurance.<br />
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I wish...

Hello! I am also from Canada and love my country as well! It truly is a beautiful country and I wouldn't trade it for the world!