Dream Power/s

i can allmost remember all my dreams, dreams that make you cry, laugh, scream and jump.

what about the dreams that we have powers. there are people who can fly to walk on water. but i am on about are the dreams when you have more than one power.

i remember when i was dreaming the other day, i was walking down the train tracks in london where for no reason a train derails and aims for me. out of instinct i place both my hands together and push the air in front of me and the entire train blasts off in the sky. i panic then i jump and fly towards them and somehow weaving my hand around the falling trains move in mid air and guide them down to a soft landing. what makes it weird is that there was more trains falling in the sky so i end up trying to catch them with my bare hands as they fall. as all this was going on, there was a old man allways standing there in a black suit looking at me as i doo all of this. i then go to him and ask him what are doing here. he smiles and i wake up in a cold swet and out off breath as if i just finish running a mile. .

has anyone had a dream with the use of more than one power before?
shokashi shokashi
Jan 6, 2013