Dirty windows

  • Photography: G. Farquhar
  • Digital editing: G. Farquhar
The City Art Gallery has absolutely filthy windows.  But if they were clean, then this picture wouldn't look anywhere near as cool as it does.  This is the Northern British Hotel, viewed across the Waverley Train Station.  And that's North Bridge on the right hand side.

TheNakedPoet TheNakedPoet
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1 Response Sep 20, 2012

G-guy, this is a TOTALLY cool shot! If you scrunch your eye up and look in the upper right hand corner you can see an old mans face. Sort of like watching clouds in the sky!

The times hubs and I have wandered around different countries in Europe I am always amazed at the buildings! This one is no different....It looks like a castle!! I really love the gothic designs with gargoyles perched on their roofs too!

You'd love Edinburgh, then. You've got to come over here, sometime. This city is full of exactly the kind of architecture you'd really appreciate. But I can NOT see an old man in the corner. You must be on some interesting drugs.

We totally have to put Edinburgh and the G-guy on the "go-see" list!! It's just an old mans face and he has a longggg nose and mean eyes....I'm only on coffee... but who knows what they stuck in the Green Mountain Rainforest Nut flavor! I just betcha there is a conspiracy theory to support that idea somewhere too!! :D

That's it... just high on caffeine. Because I definitely don't see this man. I don't think he's there.

LOL.....He likes me better and he's hiding from you cause he's afraid you wont like him and you'll get all "edity" and go in and erase him.....See.....I got this all figured out!! :P

I can see the old guy....he's a little scary tbh if it's the same one you can see....Is he looking down toward the clock tower ?

YESSS!! Bree sees him!! He looks a little like what I would imagine a "Merlin" type would look like!!!!

This must be how mass hysteria starts.

hugs (((G guy))) and runs off giggling!! :D

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