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I've been taking pictures of city streets a lot, lately. If you want to see them all, you could always check out my gallery. It's at

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3 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Beautiful works.

Thank you.

I have added you....I enjoy your creativeness.

I loved all of these.... Little peeks of the places you go...That is just soo cool! :)

Thanks. Yeah, these are places I see most days. It's fun to post them on here.

They are beautiful, except for the third one. The image is too dark for me to see anything. It's probably because of being reduced in size. I love the other 5 though.

The third one is meant to be dark. I increased the darkness. I think it works better if you know what it's meant to be - which means if you're familiar with the city. It's part of Edinburgh Castle, as seen from Princes Street. A local would find it just familiar enough to recognise it, so the idea with that picture was to bring it right down to just the silhouette and still maintain the familiarity.

I understand now. In that case, you achieved a silhouette quite nicely. I've tried to do that, but I had issues and couldn't figure it out.

I've been looking at it again. Trying to decide whether to make the castle completely black. Remove any element or fleck of substance that's still in the picture, since they're a bit of a distraction from the silhouette element. I think I'll leave it for a while, though. Right now, I can't make my mind up.