English and Proud

I am English, I live in Northamptonshire and am proud to be English not british ENGLISH!
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5 Responses Aug 22, 2007

Northamptonshire? Pssh, that's basically Scotland.<br />
<br />

murdering english bastards<br />
<br />
get back to germany , where you belong.

Ahh, I see where you went wrong... you're thinking of Germans.

Easy mistake.

I like Moston's vibe cos<br />
It's its conquer and divide<br />
and you say your proud<br />
to be english, well i'm welsh<br />
and don't buy nationalism<br />
your laNguage comes from<br />

Sorry to dissapoint but the so called English language is made up of old English with bits of european,norse thrown in for good messure with a sprinkling of latin to top off.

What this guy said. The Celtic influence on English is minimal at best, just a few place names.

I would rather be a poverty stricken blind cripple in Uzbekistan than be English. <br />
Dreadful country full of dull, dim-witted people and the range of scummy accents to be found there is astounding.<br />
Scotland and Wales are little better but still better.

:D<br />