A Thirty Minute Drive.

I was remembering a time back in HS and there was this student who was "Retarded"... that was the word used prior to the more sensitive name of "developmentally challenged". Sheldon was pretty much non verbal in school and when he spoke you could tell her had a serious speech impediment.

I never harassed him but always looked at him as a kind of a freak. There were times when I stood up for him when other students were fu**ing with him.

One day Sheldon had missed his bus and was very anxious, scared and crying.  I told Sheldon that I would drive him home.  I asked him for his address but all I got was a number and he would point the way to his house.

I began driving and he was able to point to turns, and there were a lot of them.  After about an half hour he pointed to his house and I dropped him off.

Then I realized that Sheldon had guided me the same route as the bus took, dropping off students. We could have been to his house in under 10 minutes if only he knew his address.

At 17, my self-centered one track mind was altered.  For the first time I saw the reality of another persons life.  I made me think about life differently and made me aware of of what I had in my life. From that day forward I have been more tolerant of people with disabilities. 
Be mindful of all the Sheldons in the world.
smalljack smalljack
66-70, M
Jan 17, 2013