Florida Chicki

Born and Raised... only left once to GA so guess I'm stuck here.  Right now, in the summer you can count on rain daily. The hurricanes should be starting soon so that's a whole new adventure. Being that we are basically an island, when it rains things flood. I love it though, I love the fall and when it gets cold (60's) lol. I was meant to be here and although I one day hope to visit elsewhere, I'm sure I'll return.
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3 Responses Jul 29, 2007

I too love Florida. I have lived her 60 some odd years and would never want to leave.

I love living here. I have ben all over the U.S. and florida is by far the best. just need to slow down the influx of new people. to much building, to many ***** malls to much traffic.

Wow thats a first for me, ive never met someone who loved living here