I live in Georgia in my heart and
someday I will come to see you.
I grew up in my Southland's heart
and you know that I love you.
The willow fell in love with a river
and died because she couldn't have him.

She broke in pieces to be free
and floated down the stream
she couldn't stand to be beautiful
when she felt terrible inside
so she dropped her leaves in her grief
and the lonely willow died.

I need to find the willow tree
and tell her she cannot be me
together we'll sink in the river
because it doesn't have to be
the world can still be beautiful
if everyone believes.

Tucalony Tucalony
18-21, F
3 Responses Sep 19, 2012

hi - kik:white_werewolf1

Yes. It's how I feel.

Hey, that's sweet, did you wrote it??