Being a military brat I’ve pretty much been everywhere but grew up no where. My Grandfather was in the Navy and stationed at Hawaii just before Pearl Harbor during Pearl Harbor his brother was killed during the attack and my grandfather was injured quiet badly. Many years later after the war ended he  'transferred' out the Navy and joined the marines and only after he retired he returned once more to Hawaii where he later past on. Growing up my brother and I always used to come visit Grumpy during vacations we had the best times here. Grumpy took us to Pearl Harbor every year then his brothers grave and I know it was most probably the scariest thing in the world for him, and everyone here but through, but what he went through as an 18 year old I learnt i could never take anything for granted the craziest thing is he taught us that by teaching us Hawaiian culture and started to admire the place. My dad was stationed at K-bay in my first year at college I headed off for Cambridge and they headed off to Hawaii when I applied for my residency the first place I started applying was Hawaii I know you all have it on the tip of your tongue because its where your family is yes partly true but not fully.
Of all the places my family have been not one has spoken volumes as much as what Hawaii did for me it feels like home it’s always felt like that whether its because of my grandfather and his family I have no idea I moved here straight out of college and started working in the hospital. Whenever we moved from one place to another as kids us as family had a little challenge of embracing and learning the culture of that land or place this was no different  I’ve met all types of people local and otherwise and started getting the island vibe I’ve never looked back I’ve never regretted the decision to move here the sights the sounds I experience everyday is the most awesome feeling in the world. There are so many different cultures and languages and nationalities in one small place that its actually mind blowing everyday I learn something new working with the people on the island just made the adjustment a whole lot easier than some people I know who have had a hard time adjusting to Hawaiian life to those people take a deep breath and relax it doesn't get any better than where you are right now if cant stop for a second look out you window because it doesn’t get any better than that! Ok granted there is a 'bad' part of Hawaii but there's a bad part to everywhere you go what's important is what you do with what you and you have it heaps so enjoy every minute of it!

 Aloha Hau’ oli kēia hui ana o kāua - i'm still learning so it's probably wrong lol!!
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This place is awesome, couldn't agree more.