Dream Coming True In The Next Few Months!

Finally going to make it happen. Big Island, here we come!

1/3 update

Moving for good, yes we are.  I have live in eastern CO 35 years (I was quite young when my parents moved to the area).  Until recently, its treated us well, but its been slowly drying up and, sad to say, dying.  Water tables dropping, winters gone, rivers that don't run any more.  Hay prices, and other farm issues, along with the worst bank in the world (W. Fargo) and not at all least health issues (dust allergies and other ailments making managing 100+ acres impractical) a few other things pushed us to say - to he** with it - we're following our dreams and our hearts.

The island spirit calls to us.

With a fraction of the land (still rural, off-grid, like we are in CO) we can do much more.  100+ inches of rain a year; winter lows of 64F, and so much more - yes, we're going whatever it takes.

2/24 update

Sold much of our stuff at an auction yesterday!   Went very well.

Got the paperwork and dates scheduled for one of the two dogs, and will fly in to Kona early April.  My wife will be staying, I have to come back to Colorado to work another 7 weeks, and come back in June, along with the other dog (isn't eligible until May in order to skip her Quarantine).

What of our stuff is left has to get us by another 5 weeks, and that little of it we're taking will get shipped just before we leave.

The work just to get this far has been staggering.  And of course, in the sale, we sold all our snow removal equipment (tractor, snow blower, etc) and today its a Blizzard!  But we shall survive hiring out the snow removal as we have to.  Its all worth it to make this dream a reality!

4/4 update

Arrived!  A one way for my wife and our St Bernard (passed through pet inspection in Kona easily).  Moved in.  Too bad I have to return to the mainland in a week tor work.

5/5 update

Me - living in CO finishing up the details with work and the old house, etc.  Hating the snow and every flake that falls.

My wife - living in paradise.  Our stuff arrive, ok.  Not impressed with the moovers.  Most of the damage on the things THEY packed.  She says its starting to feel like home.  2 and 1/2 weeks left to my one-way with the other dog.  (Moved up the trip by 2 weeks - YAY!!)
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2 Responses Dec 2, 2012

Winter lows of 64f will seem "freezing my arse off" cold once you've lived here for a while and get acclimated. Where on the Big Island?

I have a couple lots a little further south toward Volcano. Cool weather and lush greenery. Nice quiet area.

Are you both moving there for good???
I've passed by Strasburg a few weeks ago, I can't blame you for seeking the beauty of the island(s).
Let me know if you need help moving lol.