Hell Is Where I Exist

Everyday i try and try to do what's right i try and be a good person but it's never enough....... People they like to use me and use me until i am broken and bleeding i just gave up that i will ever find someone who cares, someone who wants to not hurt me but the reality of it is i live in hell that's where i was born i died at 11 and was brought back the next day burning and in pain screaming noone could hear me at all and i finally gave up because this is where i belong

I belong with the abuse,the beatings,the scars, the raping and killing i belong where noone in my world loves or cares this is where i have been placed and i will stay there until i die officially!!!!!
Secretgirl18 Secretgirl18
18-21, F
1 Response May 10, 2012

Pack your stuff and leave don't look back there's nothing there for you