i hail from india, asia. i truly believe it to  be the most beautiful nation in this world... i m looking for people from this country to make friends with.

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yah, We are here in Mumbai India we helped many Tourist and Visitors, we good the good experiences,

hello Indians... m too from India...

count me in...

Indian hearts... nice <br />
<br />
sare jahan se achcha hidusta hamara<br />
hum bulbule hai iski ye gulsita hamara

nice meeting you all indians... i am from india... working in delhi... feel free to mail me and add me..

Hey! Am Indian living between Singapore and Mumbai... a month here and another there! Am surprised to see Indians here!!

I am from Calcutta and now work in Delhi.<br />
Heard someone is looking for Indians ha ha ha! Here I am, to the core!

hi i am from India:)<br />
nice meeting u:)

Hi...atlast found an indian..i was actually searching for indians1

as i hv already said.. a butiful land with butiful people...

You're going to get lots of responses from people outside India now, who all want to be friends with you anyway. I am one of them! I would love to hear more about India. :)

I think south india is especially beautiful. All of the mountains and scenery and paddy fields. Its paradise!