Anybody else on here from Iowa, or live in Iowa? Especially if you live in Iowa now, or close by.
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Not that far from where I live. Message me.

I live in Iowa too, Newton.

I'm in Ames. I love it here. Hoe're you liking Iowa so far, or, do you like it for that matter.

lol my bad, i misspelled how're, sorry about the unintentional word...

That's nice to know.

I am also in Iowa

Another fellow Iowan checking in!! Cedar Rapids here.

I live in iowa also. i live about 90 miles from you

Glad to meet you.

Another Iowan saying hello!<br />
<br />

Hard to tell.

I wonder is in Iowa very cold and easy will coming snow soon??

Thanks for the comment. I live i Creston.

Glad to meet you.

I am in Iowa as well .