Iowa Is My Place Forever

I've lived in Iowa for my whole life, and i'm completely loving it here. The reason is, that I've been to many other states, and I've absolutely had all of them. Examples:

CA: Rude, ignorant people, who have no regard for anyone but themselves.

NV: They wont even bother to look up from that slot machine when they get asked a question.

WY: There's nothing to look at. Just sand. In Iowa, we have corn to look at, not sand. And, a town every twenty damn miles, with nice, hardworking people.

UT: The salt flats are cool and all, but they gt boring after two seconds of staring at them. And, the great slat lake hurts your eyes.

VA: Same reason as CA.

IL: They think that just because they're rich, that makes them better than you. Arrogance.

IN: There is ALWAYS construction going on. No matter where you go. Also very arrogant.

TN: Arrogant, ignorant, backstabbers.

CO: Full of crime, and awful customer service at the holiday inn we stayed at. I mean come on, who would let people go #2 in the pool, and then NOT do anything about it? On the bright side, it is beautiful there, in Estes Park.

All in all, I think a lot of other states would be terrible choices to live in. If you want great customer service, and very genuine people, then come to Iowa. If you want good food, then come to Iowa(Y'know... the leading producer of food in the whole damn COUNTRY, and perhaps THE WORLD.) If you want great education, then come to Iowa, preferably Ames. We have Fuji, and Black Market Pizza, and plenty of other insanley good restaurants. I think that other people just need to get used to how terrible their states are, and come to Iowa to find friendly willing to help them settle in people!
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2 Responses Aug 15, 2011

can't go wrong in Iowa, just try to be nice and all will be fine, fine, fine.

I agree with you. We just moved to Iowa from Michigan and we love it. We just bought a house in Peru and I love being in the hills. People are a lot nicer here. :)