The Big Little City Full Of Boredom!!! Help!

in holy hell ive lived in iowa my whole life and ive yet to understand how allll my friends from the little hick towns always got **** goin on and i live in cedar rapids- a huge city compaired to areas that my friends live in around keokuck and such, GAHH! i just wanna know if there are any interesting voulenteer groups or organizations i managed to have missed. NOT LIKLEY IM SURE!... im all about voulenteering for free hair cuts?? or causes on womens rights?? how about any groups that make it easier to go out to the bars? like they host parties orrr **** idk? im young and determined to change this place before it changes me!
msg me if you are from around!
lrybak lrybak
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3 Responses Jun 5, 2012

Hey gorgeous I'm from Iowa to you still live here:)?

I'm in Iowa City. I moved here on purpose 15 years ago just to get away from where I was. If CR was all there was here, I wouldn't have come. I'm sorry to say this really is a yucky place. The factories smell. The whole place looks like a commercial developer's dream. Since the 2008 flood half the town is dead. Come to Iowa City. THis is where the action is!

Hello from CR.