To be more specific.....Iowa City. It is a place quite different from most of the rest of Iowa.  Home to the University of Iowa,  it is known by some as "The People's Republic of Iowa City" This half of the state (Iowa City, Cedar Rapids and the eastern third, really) is largely represented by Democrats.  The west belongs to the Republicans.  That makes Iowa a pretty pragmatic state.  We don't get excited by much.  We take life in stride.  Statewide windstorm in 1998, Tornadoes flatten some town in the state every other year or so.  Floods in 2008 in the East and 2011(?) in the West.  BIG floods!  We had a F2 tornado cut right thru the middle of downtown Iowa City in 2005.  But we just keep moving along.

Iowa is known to be one of the better states in the US for public least as far as test results tell.  Iowa City has more residents with Bachelors Degrees per capita than most other cities in the nation.  

Lots of famous people and famous events originated in Iowa.  John Wayne, Glenn Miller, Ashton Kucher, Brandon Routh (Superman), Herbert Hoover (please forgive us for that one), John VanAllen (discovered the VanAllen radiation belt in space) and lots more.  Meredith Wilson wrote "The Music Man" about a town in Iowa.  He was from here.  James T Kirk will be born in Iowa in another couple centuries and the town of Riverside celebrates itself every year with a weekend festival in July.  Riverside even got a mention in the first J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie.  Yup, lots of cool stuff about Iowa.

But the main reason I came here in 1998 was because the local economy in Iowa City constantly kicks ***!  You can always find a job here.  If you want to make sure you get a high paying job you might have to move out of state but the University of Iowa and Kirkwood Community College provide some of the best, most affordable educations in the nation.   Iowa has aome damn good smaller private colleges too.  If you seek a good education at a lower than typical price, check us out!  Construction never stops in Iowa City.  At the time I'm writing this, there are 5 huge construction cranes visible on the city skyline.  New homes are built, the city grows.  We were 60,000 in the late 90's and we're about 100,000 now.  There is a good night life, reasonable cultural scene, and overall a great lifestyle for young folks and families. 

I like it, anyway.  And so do lots of others.
icDavey icDavey
61-65, M
Dec 29, 2013