I live in Cedar Rapids. I love Iowa but not a fan of this city. I live on the SE side though, and if anyone is from here or near here, you might have heard, there is a lot of shootings and stabbings and petty crime here. It could be a beautiful city. I have met some pretty amazing people here, though. I'd love to meet more new people and share new experiences!
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why doesn't CR have any neat walkable neighborhoods? I think the city had a lot of potential.

Ahhh the city of 4 smells. Iowa City... love me some of that!

I agree. It has potential but the city keeps messing everything up. I haven't lived here long. I used to live in Burlington and this is a great city compared to that.

My sis lives in Burlington. Rather sleepy.

I'm sorry to say this but Cedar Rapids is a dump! Iowa City, on the other hand, pretty cool! That's where I am. I moved 800 miles to live in this town and I have never regretted the move!