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Land of the shamrock and the pint of plain, Bono and Riverdance, land of the Rain and the half door, green wet grass and occasional misty morning, but thats where I am and I wouldnt want it any other way

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I had not that much time, but we have a beer fair once a year in the meadows of our former capital city Bonn, and I drank a Guiness already. Yummy, by the way!<br />
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You will know, that Germany is famous for all it's beer sorts and I'm member of that group on ep I like beer, or was it I love beer?

Have to agree but you missed one IMPORTANT item the guinness in Ireland is out of this world probably the best stout in the world!LOL

I visited Dublin last year in Octobre and was so sad, that I had to leave the other day.<br />
I was there to attend a theatre play with my favorite actor Alan Rickman, together with my eldest son.

I love the pictures I've seen and would love to visit. Keeping my fingers crossed!

I love the pictures I've seen and would love to visit. Keeping my fingers crossed!

lol the raising of the finger is always gas, I had friends over and like any Irishman was doing this as I passed people walking when we got to our destination and having a few Pints they were amazed wow you sure know loads of people - Mr popular rofl

yeah Summer at Tara, Samhain at eileens cottage in the midlands, Mount Eru wearing her seductive skirts of swirling mist. The friendl finger raised in greeting as u pass other moterists, the bloody customs officer decide a blunt Athame wrapped in alter cloths and hair bands is a dangerous weapon. Yes great memories

Had a client with an irish citizenship.......hes back to his home country but sings ur praises....told me i had to visit one day, says its got to do with how organized the whole government structure is. Ohh and the plannning of the cities , sure said something about that too. Will definitely visit if i get my health that u love ur country......quite noble huhh.<br />
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Yeah no snakes...legend has it they were banished by St. Patrick, truth is they would freeze to death and drown in the rain. Not that we Irish mind the rain as it gives us an excuse to get inside out of it (to a pub with a roaring turf fire and some traditional Irish Music) and also the damp is what gives us this youthful complexion (yeah right lol)

So beautiful. I wish i could be there as we speak. I love the pictures and never miss a program about Ireland.Your history is very interesting to me. Maybe, I'd go in a snap.