My parents live in Israel because their parents lived in Israel, and possibly, if my grandparents didn't live here they wouldn't, too. And possibly they would, immigrating to Israel when they were 18 like other Jewish people.

In hebrew, immigrating to Israel is "going up", and immigrating out of Israel is "going down".

People my age constantly complain about Israel, and some of them talk about wanting to leave here and live somewhere else. But I read about Europse and the US and they're not paradises; everywhere has problems. Also, I think living without your native tongue around you would be hard.

I live in Israel, but I don't feel it makes me special, or that Israel is special; but I understand that since it's my birthplace, and all my family is here, it will always have a special place for me.

kolgi kolgi
22-25, M
Oct 6, 2006