London Town Girl

I love London, I just love it. I love walking by Buckingham Palace admiring the rich history of the place. The London Eye is so inviting. I love the way my heart rushes seeing my favourite store in the universe, Topshop. Everytime I walk in, its heaven. This summer, I went to Wireless Festival with my friends screaming for Drake to come on stage. The people of London are from many different walks of life and nationalities. I remember how memorable the 2012 Olympics were, helping out lost tourists and getting stuck on the tube. And I get to call it home
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10 Responses Sep 3, 2012

I've been stuck on the tube lots of time especially if it was a signal failure on the northern line!!!!!!!!!

No matter where you go in the world there is 4 things that the rest can't do like u k and London. 1 tea 2 beer 3 fish & chips & 4 a bowl of jellied eels

Hi how are you

London is a cool City....have you ever been to Brighton?

I met that Drake cat once. My great aunt's husband produces TV and movies. He was in Vegas years ago and we went to the same party. I only went to support my cousin who was working for said great-uncle. Anyway, he's Canadian and his name is actually Aubrey. Not kidding.

Your pic is really cute...I love London, I travel to Europe several times a year and I try to stay over a few days in London when I can....I was there this year for the Queens Jubilee. I stayed in Knightsbridge, had breakfast across the street from Royal Albert Hall. What a thrill it was for me ,knowing the history and all the great performances given

ohhhhhh londons great

One of the worlds greatest cities ... The girls aren't bad either ;)

Yes indeed you just might be baby

Yeah y not?? ;) you've got a great look

bless you

London 2012 Olympics was great..wish i made it over there!

Lucky u..i watched it on t.v :-)
Jessie j was amazing that nite in the RR phantom drop head

I got to go to the paraplegic games and the uk guy in the wheel chair race won his 3rd gold medal and was awarded his 2 nd gold whilst we where there and on both occasions the olimpic stadium went absolutely ballistic