Christmas Shopping In Regent Street London.

I love the huge buzz of people Christmas Shopping in London uk.
99% of the huge crowds are really good natured and in the Festive Spirit.
Living in London is a great experience I was Born in London, went to Primary School in London , prior to going to a Girls Boarding School when I was 11 quite near London.

I went to St.Andrew's University in Scotland.

I am now back in London and work in London, I will always be a Londoner.
sally1981 sally1981
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4 Responses Dec 12, 2012

I am visiting London in May and looking for someplace to have a good time. Any suggestions

Depends what you are into.??

Just some local fun, bar/pub and someone to hangout with

I lived in Knightsbridge from 1975 to 1982 and never had such fun! London is a marvelous city.

wales is the place for me

Home is where the heart is; mine is in the North East...although I used to hate the place when I was younger; it always draws me back again.